Nathan G. Momberger, MD


Hip and knee joint replacement


1999-2000 Fellowship: Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement, Dr. W. Paprosky, Dir.
Chicago, Illinois
Rush Presbyterian/Central Dupage Hospital
Residency: University of Utah, Dr. H.K Dunn, Chairman
Salt Lake City,Utah
University of Utah Medical Center and affiliated Hospitals
Internship: University of Washington
Seattle,Washington University of Washington Medical Center Harborview Medical Center
Medical School:University of Utah School of Medicine Salt Lake City, Utah
Honors: #1 ranking during third year clinical rotations
School of Oswestry Oswestry, Wales, United Kingdom First year “A” levels in biology, cheminstry, history
Honors: ranked fourth out of eighty four students
University of Utah Major: B.A. Spanish,Minor: Chemistry
Honors: Cum Laude, dean’s list 9 quarters, Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society, Golden Key Honor Society.

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LDS Hospital-Deserer Foundation Research Grant
“Calcaneocuboid contact pressures after lateral column lengthening.”

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